SILWEAR ANTY-INSECT with UPF protection and silver ions Pink

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SILWEAR ANTY-INSECT with UPF protection and silver ions

UV radiation occurs all year round and has both positive and negative effects. Long-term spending of time in the sun can lead to sunburn, skin discoloration and promotes the development of skin cancer.

Shirts made of cotton protect the skin against harmful UV rays only to a minimal extent. In this case, the UPF parameter hovers around 5, which means that ⅕ of the harmful rays will reach our skin. This is way too much!

Our clothing has UPF 50 filters, which means that the fabric is up to 98% effective!

In addition, it is quick-drying, and the implemented silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria, preventing unpleasant odors.

For increased comfort during equestrian training, our shirts have anti-insect technology, which effectively reduces the number of mosquito bites and protects against ticks.

The Sanitized ® AM 23-24 agent used is dermatologically tested and is safe for humans and horses. Up to 50 washes are kept.

Technical data:

• Material: 100% polyester

• Weight: 180g / m2


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